Principal’s greetings
Our high school is located in the center of Toyama city by the Jinzu River with an outlook of Mt. Kureha and the Tateyama mountains. Many excellent students from all over the prefecture come to our school expecting to learn and get broader knowledge. Our educational goal is “to enhance academic ability,” “to cultivate character” and “to train the mind and body.” With this goal, for 92 years, our school has been a place where students study hard, compete with each other, and improve themselves.
Our ideal of all-around education, which was founded in the era of our predecessor, Toyama Prefectural Jinzu Junior High School, and the traditions of “discipline,” “self-government,” and “faith” have been handed down to the present Chubu High School. We give students a high level of education and encourage them to be independent learners.
We put stress not only on studying but on extracurricular activities, aiming at helping students mature and lead a fruitful school life. We never stop reforming our educational system and seeking a better method.
I’m sure that three years in our school, which helps students acquire democratic, creative and independent abilities by broadening their intellect and cultivating their sentiment, will be the foundation for students to open up their wonderful future. I sincerely expect our students will build up new history, passing on our traditions to the future.