Displayed prominently in our inscription are the letters of our traditional spirits:
“鍛錬Discipline” “自治Self-Government” and ”親愛Faith.”

In our school, the traditional spirits of Discipline, Self-Government, and Faith are passed down through the times. This attitude is reflected in our present educational goals: “to enhance academic ability” ”to cultivate character” “to train the mind and body,” and in our educational policy: “To foster a sound body, an academic mind and excellent intelligence through cultivation of aesthetic and moral sentiments, and the cultivation of students with autonomy, aggressiveness and creativity.”
Our students can govern themselves and train themselves. In this school tradition, students are working very hard in independent study, extra-curricular activities, school events and home-room activities. In addition, students are leading a fruitful life through reading and having relationships with good friends.

We welcome those students who:
・Have a strong desire to learn and a passion for further learning
・Have a challenging spirit and have a clear goal to fulfill in life
・Have a determined will to be a person of importance in the world